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Wills and Legacies

By leaving a gift in your Will to The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Palliative Care, you’ll support our mission for generations to come as we provide essential support to people needing palliative care.

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Give a gift with lasting impact

Having a valid and up-to date Will is important.

It’s your way of ensuring the people you love and the causes that matter most to you are looked after in the way you choose when you are gone.

It also makes it easier on your friends and family as they take care of your estate, as they can be sure they are acting on your wishes which are clearly specified

Leaving a gift in your Will to charity is one of the most impactful ways you can leave a lasting and meaningful contribution that your loved ones and future generations will be grateful for.

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Nominate a specific area of Palliative Care that is important to you

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Support further research to improve palliative care support for patients and families

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Support art, complementary or music therapy for patients in palliative care

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Sponsor a specific piece of equipment or a specialised program

What types of gift can you leave?

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Percentage – allocate a nominated percentage of your estate


Residual – a nominated amount or percentage of what remains of your estate after family and friends have been provided for


Amount – a nominated amount for a specific gift


Assets – any items that you own, property, cars, shares, jewellery, paintings etc.

Leave a living legacy

Making a gift while you are still alive is another option you may wish to consider. For some people, they choose to do this in honour of a loved one.

By giving your gift to charity in this way you are able to see first-hand the positive impact you are having on people impacted by a life-limiting illness.

There may also be a tax benefit for you; it is important to discuss this with your financial advisor or accountant.

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Wish to make or amend your Will?

To learn more about leaving a Living Legacy or gift in your Will to The Hospital Research Foundation – Palliative Care, please contact our friendly Supporter Engagement Team.

We would love to support you with Will preparation and wording, or discuss how you would like to direct your gift.

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