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Music Therapy

Our Music Therapists work with patients at Laurel Hospice (Flinders Medical Centre), the Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (palliative care ward) to support you and your loved ones in palliative care.

Laurel Hospice Harpist

About Music Therapy

Music therapists work with inpatients across various palliative care wards or hospices to reduce pain perception and anxiety, enhance mood and improve overall health and wellbeing. Music therapy is evidence-based practice where music and music activities are used to support patients with a range of medical conditions within a therapeutic relationship. 

Music therapy activities can be used to alleviate pain in conjunction with pain medication, mitigate pre-operative or hospitalisation anxiety, elevate patient mood, enhance physical rehabilitation, induce sleep, reduce muscle tension for relaxation and maintain a person’s overall quality of life. 

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How can Music Therapy help?

Music Therapy can take many forms to support you during a stay in hospice or a palliative care ward. It can be fun, energising, calming, reflective or relaxing music listening, therapeutic song writing, or music-based discussions. It can be beneficial for many reasons including: 

  • Relaxation, reduce agitation, and improve attention 
  • Assist pain management 
  • Assist understand your surroundings 
  • Improve depression and low mood 
  • Ease anxiety about your situation 
  • Support for you and loved ones during palliative care.

To find out how these services can help you and your family, please contact your local palliative care service or call our friendly team on (08) 8240 0320. 

Laurel Hospice Harpist