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Education for Health Professionals

We support the professional development of health staff as part of our mission to ensure all South Australians have access to quality palliative care.

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Knowledge is power!

THRF Group – Palliative Care commits to its mission towards quality palliative care for all South Australians, by providing education and training for nursing staff. This support ensures palliative care staff have access to the latest education and training to enhance knowledge within our palliative care community.

Health care professionals work towards providing support that improves the quality of life for the person and those closest to them. This is achieved by providing patients and carers access to information and the support services they need. Open communication between health care professionals, patients and carers is essential in facilitating this. Health care professionals must be aware of what palliative care can offer and inform patients and carers on what information and services are available to them. 

These incredible staff provide quality care to the dying and bereaved. It is vital that staff are supported through not only wellbeing, but also specialist education and training.  As a result, this training does make a difference to families receiving palliative care for their loved ones. 

For further information, please contact The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Palliative Care on (08) 8243 0320. 

Training and Education in Palliative Care

There are a number of courses and training programs to help build your skills in palliative care. These include:

Laurel Hospice interns