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Help Annaliese leave a legacy

Dealing with a life-limiting illness is one of the toughest challenges a family can face. Annaliese knows these challenges all too well as a 22-year-old living with an incurable illness. Annaliese is on a mission, and she needs your help in raising $30,000 for vital services at Laurel Hospice - her home away from home that provided love, comfort and peace when she needed it most.

$14,800 Raised

$30,000 Goal

Help Annaliese raise $30,000 to leave behind a legacy of love, care and comfort.

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Donated to the appeal

Hoping this may help towards care and comfort for those in need. Take care Annaliese, hoping your enjoy Christmas with your family and friends x

Living with an incurable disease

Annaliese Holland is like any other 22-year-old. She likes to go out and have fun with her friends, spend time with family and do the things she loves. 

Only, Annaliese is living with an incurable disease called Autoimmune Autonomic Ganglipathy (AAG), meaning her body creates antibodies that attack her nervous system. 

“I am unable to eat or drink because my stomach and intestines are paralysed, leaving me in debilitating pain, with lots of nausea and vomiting up to 20 times a day,” says Annaliese. 

“AAG has caused my bladder to fail requiring catheters and major surgeries, while also causing Addison’s Disease, severe osteoporosis and osteonecrosis of my hips, leaving me with screws and rods.” 

Annaliese needs your help to leave behind a legacy of love, care and comfort for others living with a life-limiting illness. If you are able, please donate to support vital services at Laurel Hospice and help Annaliese raise $30,000.

Annaliese in hospital bed

Annaliese is more than her illness

Despite Annaliese’s complex condition, she truly believes in not allowing her illness to define who she is. 

“I am more than my illness. I’m Annaliese Holland!” 

“I have lost so much because of my illness, but I have gained strength, maturity and have a greater empathy towards people,” says Annaliese. 

“I’m overwhelmed by pain, but it is this pain that empowers me to make a difference to people like me with life-limiting illnesses.” 

Will you support Annaliese’s mission to raise $30,000 for Laurel Hospice by giving a generous gift today? 

Annaliese H TPN

Leaving a legacy

Annaliese needs your support to give back to Laurel Hospice and the people who have helped her and her family along her journey. 

“The beautiful staff from Laurel Hospice have wrapped their arms around me and provided me with peace, love, comfort and happiness,” says Annaliese. 

“The peaceful garden, volunteers, pet, art and music therapies have kept me smiling throughout a time of heartache and pain.” 

Will you help Annaliese raise $30,000 to leave behind a legacy of love, care and comfort for others living with a life-limiting illness? 

Annaliese H WCH

Palliative Care relies on your support

Associate Professor Tim To is the Head of Unit for Southern Adelaide Palliative Service and delivers medical care to patients alongside doctors, nurses and other health professionals in Laurel Hospice. 

He also oversees the running of palliative care services, ensuring the quality of care and driving improvement in care. 

He says Southern Adelaide Palliative Service receive around 1,600 referrals and Laurel Hospice sees about 600 patients each year.

“Your donations to The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Palliative Care provides critical funding for palliative care services and enable complementary care, art therapy, music therapy and also have a focus on the patient’s carers and loved ones,” says Associate Professor Tim To. 

“Funding helps us address a wider range of needs at the end of life.” 

Tim To

“Laurel Hospice has given my family and I great comfort through the ups and downs of my illnesses.”

-Annaliese, 22-year-old leaving a legacy

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